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St. Louis Arch It looks like a parabola, but it's not. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is an inverted catenary. A catenary is the curve of a hanging chain. (See the hanging chain images below.) Galileo thought this curve was a parabola, so don't feel bad if you were also fooled. The catenary shape minimizes the potential energy throughout the chain. When shifted, a hanging chain will naturally return to this position. At each point in a hanging chain or arch, the opposing forces (chain: tension forces, arch: compression forces) are balanced. This creates stability.

The catenary equation is  where a is determined by the linear density and tension of the chain. This is a transcendental curve rather than an algebraic curve like the parabola. The catenary is a hyperbolic function: .

Compare these three chains. They all form the catenary shape.
chain-long-heavy.JPG (6180 bytes)  chain-thick-wide.JPG (6162 bytes)  chain-long-thin.JPG (3496 bytes)
Each was photographed against the same wall. Use the cracks between boards to compare sizes. (Thanks to my family for helping me with these.)

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e: The Story of a Number by Eli Maor, 1994.
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Abby Brown - Torrey Pines High School - April 2002