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United States History: Big Ideas & Concepts

  Text Box: Political DevelopmenT
The US political system has developed around democratic values 
which aim to ensure people’s rights and voice in government.
Republicanism           Federalism              Rights & Liberties








Text Box: Economic Development
The U.S. economy has developed around capitalist values, 
and has transformed from a nation of 
independent farmers to an industrial giant. 

       Free Enterprise/Free Trade           Economic Opportunity            Labor Systems


Text Box: Social and Cultural Development
 US society has become increasingly diverse, 
continually struggling to achieve full inclusion of all citizens.
Diversity & Inclusion








Text Box: Inconsistencies
 Although our country prides itself on its core values, there have been many instances where we have contradicted those values.
 Inconsistencies with Republicanism, Rights & Liberties, Inclusion



Concept Definitions

 Political Development

Republicanism:  the notion that people have a voice in government

      Inconsistency with Republicanism: when people were denied a voice in government

Federalism: In an effort to make government more responsive to the people, powers are divided between Federal and State governments.





 Rights and Liberties: the notion that people have certain “God-given” rights

            that the government protects Examples of Rights: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;” 

            from the Bill of Rights:  freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, property  

            rights, justice/due process.
        Inconsistency with Rights and Liberties: when people were denied rights.

Economic Development

Free Enterprise/Free Trade:  the development of business and trade,  

                including the notion that government should not restrict business and trade activities


Economic Opportunity:  the expectation that, in America, there are opportunities available

               to better an individual’s economic situation


Labor Systems:  identifying who does the work; the various systems of labor used in America


Society and Culture

Diversity: the variety of people in America


Inclusion: the notion that every group of people is treated equally and has access

              to the same opportunities

       Inconsistency with Inclusion: discrimination; when people were not treated equally

              or included equally in society.