The Envision program at CCA offers a great variety of options for new students. The 4x4 schedule and our fantastic CCA Counselors make it possible for students to enjoy a rigorous academic schedule and explore a wealth of elective opportunities. The music department offers several semester and year long courses. Please feel free to contact Amy Villanova or Nate Jarrell for information about our current class offerings and our future plans. I encourage you to read the descriptions below and also peek through their class pages to learn about the day to day class activities. Click HERE for a sample 4 year plan that includes year long music and a competitive academic schedule.

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  • Symphonic Band-Symphonic Band is a year long performance based class. Students leaving middle school are generally best prepared for the Symphonic Band level. In this class students perform music from all styles and really work on the fundamentals of musicianship necessary to be successful in the more advanced classes. Students perform several times a year on campus and have opportunities to work with guest artists. This is not a beginning level class. Be sure to select Symphonic Band for both terms individually to be enrolled year long.

  • Wind EnsembleWind Ensemble is an audition-only year long performance based class. Students in this class perform advanced high school and collegiate literature in all styles. Emphasis on ensemble technique and advancing individual musicianship are stressed in this course. Students perform several concerts a year, on campus and in the community, as well as work with guest artists and college professors.. Auditions will be held in April for current and incoming students.  Schedule a  music class for each term and if selected into Wind Ensemble, we will get you in the correct spot. 

  • Jazz Band-The CCA Jazz Ensemble is an audition-only year long performance based class. Jazz Ensemble students are CCA's most portable ensemble and often represent our school at off campus performances, including some travel opportunities. This class performs with traditional big band instrumentation and occasional guest soloists on other instruments. The students learn a variety of jazz styles, study jazz history and theory, as well as hone their improvisational skills. Space is limited in this class based on instrumentation. Auditions will be held in April for current and incoming students. 

  • Orchestra-Orchestra is a year long performance based class that focuses on String pedagogy, ensemble playing techniques and advancing individual musicianship. While there is no initial audition, this is not a beginning level class. Chair placement auditions will take place during the first week of school. Students perform several times a year on campus and in our greater community, and have opportunities to work with guest artists and college professors. Be sure to select Orchestra for both terms individually to be enrolled all year long.

  •  Chamber Orchestra in an an audition only year long ensemble. Members of Advanced Orchestra will work independently and in a smaller chamber orchestra. They will also participate with the Orchestra class on larger scale symphonic works. Students perform several times a year on campus and in our greater community, and have opportunities to work with guest artists and college professors. Be sure to select Advanced Orchestra for both terms individually to be enrolled year long. 

  • Rock Band/Music Industry- This course is designed to help students develop both the music/performances skills and business skills needed to be successful as a professional in the music industry. Students will be placed into performing ensembles that will be required to rehearse and perform songs from various eras of rock and pop music each week. They will receive instruction in music theory, performance skills, proper rehearsal techniques, and songwriting. Students will also learn the essential business skills needed to work in a professional music environment including booking, contracts, publishing and copyright laws, promotions, and more. Each semester will culminate with a final concert by all the ensembles.  The class is open to guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, drummers, and vocalists and all students are required to audition for the class. The Guitar class is taught by Nate Jarrell. This class includes bassists, drummers and singers and creates rock bands from within the class. 

  • AUDIO TECH-Digital Composition-This course is intended to introduce students to MIDI technology and Digital Composition. We primarily use Sibelius and Reason software along with a keyboard control surfaces to compose and produce original musical work. All this leads to a complete in-house music studio that give students the tools to create their own music as well as learn more about the music production industry. We will cover fundamental music theory and composition as well as MIDI technology, building a home studio, and meaningful applications. Projects include original compositions, re-mixes, film and TV scoring, and much more. This class is open to all students, regardless of past musical experience. For those with little musical experience, it is a great introduction to composition and music technology. For experienced music students, this class can provide tools to take your music to the next level as well as provide you with the technological tools to be 21st century musician. Digital composition will give you a chance to be creative on a daily basis while learning the hands on skills needed for the the music production industry.

  • AUDIO TECH-Recording Arts- Recording arts integrates recording live audio and digital audio production and students primarily learn to record/produce live audio using the Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) Pro Tools
    The recording arts lab is designed as an advanced home studio that will serve as a bridge to higher education and/or professional studios. Students have access to industry software (Pro Tools, Reason, 
    Sibellius) as well as professional hardware and microphones. In addition, we are well equipped with mobile recording studio racks and all the  necessary accessories to complete professional grade recordings. This is a fun and fast paced class that give students a glimpse into the professional recording world and provides them with the necessary tools to continue on in that field or just for fun on their own. Recording arts is open to all students and no prior musical experience is required. 

  • Advanced Recording Arts: new for 2017-2018. The Advanced course is an independent project based course that picks up where the Recording Arts class leaves off.

  • Gamelan is an extension class taught after school. Students have the opportunity to learn authentic cultural music from Java, Indonesia. Students are taught by foremost Javanese Gamelan expert, Pak Djoko Walujo, who we are fortunate to share with CalArts, UCLA and SDSU.

  • Samba Corvo is the spirit of CCA! Our traditional Brazilian Batucada is a "drumline" with it's cultural roots in authentic Samba technique. Samba Corvo is a staple at pep rallies, sports games and other CCA events.
  • Both Samba Corvo and the CCA Gamelan Orchestra ensembles are open to all students at CCA and operate under the support of CCA ASB and the CCA Foundation.

  • Envision Conservatory-Taught by Amy Villanova, Nate Jarrell and Anne Whattoff. The conservatory program is an extended day class where students earn High School credit for their participation in a specialty program designed to prepare them for the rigorous demands of professional and collegiate music programs. Students perform in large ensembles, chamber groups and solo works, work with artists in residence who are professionals in their own fields, as well as currently earn college credit through MiraCosta College for their coursework in Music History and Music theory. You can see pictures of their production, DeConstruction on the Envision Gallery page, as well as learn more about them through the music conservatory pages on our websites!


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