New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the CCA music program.  Check out the ENSEMBLES page for information about each class.  Check here for the recommended course progressions and course profiles.

*course selection tip* Make sure you put a music class (orchestra, symphonic band, rock band) on your schedule both first and second term to save a spot for music in the schedule you turn in to your counselors-then after the audition, students who need to move classes have a place to go.  If you only put music 1 term, that is all the counselor will record-this is NOT recommended. Click HERE to see a sample 4 year plan with music, and room for PE, world language and extra math/science/AP electives

Conservatory applications (grades 10 and above only) can be found here, they are due on May 4

Schedule an Audition 

Incoming students and current CCA students NOT currently in a music class

AUDITION Dates are  4/16-4/18 depending on the ensemble. Late audition requests may be honored, however classes will be filled and balanced after 5/5 and there may be no more available spots for your instrument. Audition results will be shared via email after 5/5.

  • Wind/Percussion for Wind Ensemble, Jazz Winds and Chamber Orchestra Auditions will be April 16-18.  Click HERE to schedule your audition.  
  • Jazz Rhythm Section Auditions will be April 24-25, after school.  Click HERE  to schedule your appointment. 
  • Rock Band auditions can be scheduled HERE  (Week of April 16)
  • Advanced Chorus Auditions will be (dates TBD) after school, click HERE soon for an audition appointment

Current CCA students will audition during their music class period the week of April 23

All current Symphonic Band and Orchestra students will audition during class the week of April 23

Any student requesting an audition after that date runs the risk of the class filling before they can be considered for a spot.

There are no auditions necessary for Symphonic Band, Chorus or Orchestra

Audition requirements:

Winds  (for Wind Ensemble or Jazz) and Concert Percussion (Wind Ensemble)

Jazz Band Rhythm Section (drums, piano, guitar and bass)

  • Guitar, Piano, Drums-Pick any song out of the “Real Book” and perform the melody, as well as solo over the chords of the song
  • Drummers need to prepare a solo that demonstrates an understanding of a variety of jazz drumming styles.  Drummers will be asked to play a certain form, soloing and keeping time in specific jazz styles (swing, funk, a variety of latin styles)
  • Sightreading will be provided at the audition.  Students MUST be able to read notation to be a member of the Jazz ensembles.
  • Here is a sample audition piece, you may use it for your audition, or as a guide to find a similar piece.

Chamber Orchestra (previously Advanced Orchestra)

Chamber Orchestra students should enroll in Chamber Orchestra (both terms) Students in Chamber Orchestra will perform as part of a high level chamber ensemble in addition to their regular Orchestra coursework-essentially being part of two orchestras instead of just one! Students interested in Chamber Orchestra should prepare the following

  • All major scales in the full range of their instrument (3+ octaves, except bass)
  • A brief solo piece of your choosing, demonstrating your technical ability and musicality. You may choose 2 brief excerpts to satisfy both requirements.
  • Sightreading will be provided at the audition

Advanced Chorus (NEW for 2017-2018

  • prepare a short solo
  • be prepared to do some ear training, sight singing and vocal exercises to determine range etc

Rock Band

  • Prepare a solo in the style you most like to perform
  • Be prepared to demonstrate an understanding of scales and modes

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