Element Project

(130 points: 10 points for the Rough Draft, 100 points for the project, and 20 points for Oral Presentation)


The purpose of the Element Project is to Investigate Physical Science Standard 7 in a fun and creative way.

Periodic Table

7. The organization of the periodic table is based on the properties of the elements and reflects the structure of atoms. As a basis for understanding this concept: a. Students know how to identify regions corresponding to metals, nonmetals, and inert gases. b. Students know each element has a specific number of protons in the nucleus (the atomic number) and each isotope of the element has a different but specific number of neutrons in the nucleus. c. Students know substances can be classified by their properties, including their melting temperature, density, hardness, and thermal and electrical conductivity.


1) select an element (random selection). Every student in your period must have a different element. This is an individual project, no groups or partners.


2) RESEARCH your element: Fill out the Research chart on the back of this sheet to help you remember the details of your element. (It will be graded as part of your project.)


Use the following websites to find out qualities (both physical and chemical) about the element you chose. These are a good place to start your search but there are many other sources available on the internet.


http://www.chemicool.com/                               http://pearl1.lanl.gov/periodic/


http://www.chemicalelements.com/                    http://www.webelements.com/




http://www.uky.edu/Projects/Chemcomics/        ** has pictures if you need inspiration




Work Cited Format


Internet source:  Author’s Last name, First initial. (Year web page was written or last updated). Title of web site (italics). Retrieved Date, from Full website address


Example: Winter, M. (2008). WebElements: the periodic table on the web. Retrieved November 19, 2008, from http://www.webelements.com/helium/


3) PROJECT: choose one of the following project formats:

            Element Booklet, Superhero / Villain Story, or Commercial


4) Presentation: present your project to the class on assigned date.



Your progress will be checked twice before the final due date.


The ‘Record of Your Research’ sheet must be completed and checked by THURSDAY/FRIDAY Jan 8/9

A rough draft of your written project must be completed and checked by THURSDAY/FRIDAY Jan 15/16

All students’ papers are due on the first day of presentations  which will be  THURSDAY/FRIDAY  Jan 20/21


Keep all copies of work, research sheet and rough draft must be turned in with final project.





Record of Your Research (MUST BE FILLED IN)

Text Box:                                                                                                                   
  #of: Protons = _____ Neutrons = _____ Electrons = _____
  # of Electron Shells:­­­­­_____     # of valence electrons:____
  Period # ___________   Group # ____________
1.     Metal // Semimetal (Metalloid) // Nonmetal // Inert gas (Noble gas)     [circle one]
2.     boiling point __________ °C __________ °F
3.     melting/freezing point __________ °C __________ °F
4.     appearance / texture _______________________________________________
5.     state at room temperature __________________
6.     interesting fact ____________________________________________________
7.     interesting fact ____________________________________________________
Important Uses:
1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
Discovery Information:
When: ____________________Where: _____________________________________
Who: ___________________________
How: ________________________________________________________________
Sources of information (2 minimum) written in specific Work Cited format:





Text Box: Atomic Number
Text Box:     


Text Box: Element’s 



Text Box: Element’s 


Text Box: Element’s 
Atomic Mass




































Students need to choose One of the 3 following Projects:



Element Booklet Rubric



Create an Element Booklet that demonstrates what you have learned about your chosen element. Fold 3 pieces of 8 ½ X 11 paper in half, nest the pieces, and staple along the fold to create the booklet. Fill in the pages as directed, leaving as little white space as possible.

The rough draft must be on lined paper, or typed, and include the information listed below in the correct order.



Requirements for Booklet:

·        Front cover: Element name, picture that represents element, your name and period, create border related to element (cover must be colored)

·        Inside front cover: leave blank

·        Page 1: History of element (who discovered it, when, where, and how it was discovered)

·        Page 2: Where the element is found in nature and several uses

·        Page 3: Chemical and physical properties

·        Page 4: Group/Family (be specific) explain what it means to be part of this family

o       choose another element in this family and explain at least 3 differences to your element

·        Page 5: Choose a neighboring element; same period, one place left or right of your element

o       When was it discovered

o       How is it similar/different than your element (at least one of each)

·        Page 6: Write an original riddle or poem (minimum 10 lines) related to your element, the poem must explain or include facts about your element

·        Page 7: Sketch the Bohr Model (must be colored)

·        Page 8: 4 additional interesting facts

·        Page 9: Works Cited- follow the correct format listed on my website

·        Back cover: Periodic Table information including atomic number, symbol, name, atomic mass (must be colored and include relevant border)




Oral Presentation: Teach the class about your element by sharing the information from your booklet. Make sure to also include the data from your “Record of Research” sheet. Don’t forget to recite your riddle or poem as part of your presentation. Be informative and creative. Have Fun!


 Element Booklet Rubric




 Superhero/Villain Element Rubric


Create a superhero, or super-villain, whose characteristics are based on the properties of your element. You must draw, AND COLOR, your superhero on 8 ½ X 11 inch paper, as well as write a short story about him/her. The story must be a minimum of one page in length and include information about your element. Your character’s strengths/qualities MUST relate to the element’s properties! It should be designed to help readers learn about the element. Your story rough draft must include the 10 qualities (underlined) that relate to your element.



Requirements for your superhero / super-villain story and drawing:


Drawing must include at least 5 qualities of the element

·        Use the entire page (8 ½ X 11) leaving very little white space

·        Use both physical AND chemical properties

·        Color your character, matching physical qualities of the element

·        Example:

·        If sulfur is your chosen element, the superhero’s uniform or hair or skin, etc. must be yellow since sulfur has a characteristic yellow color.

·        Note the properties on the back of the page


Story MUST include a minimum of 10 qualities (physical and chemical) related to the element.

·        Underline each property in your story.

·        Minimum of one page in length

·        Include a brief background on your character that explains the element’s history;

·        who discovered it, when, where, and how it was discovered

·        Incorporate a minimum of 2 uses of the element in the story

·        Examples:

·        “Heath Helium’s day job is to fill party balloons at the local gift shop.”

·        Carbon has a very high melting point – “Captain Carbon walked through the fire unharmed to save the young boy.”

·        Fluorine can attack glass – “Super-Fluorine and his corrosive personality magically made the glass disappear.”



Oral Presentation: Tell your story to the class (EXTRA CREDIT will be earned for dressing like your hero/villain). Also include the information from your “Record of Research” sheet that is not mentioned in the story. Be informative and creative. Have Fun!


 Superhero/Villain Element Rubric




Element Commercial/ Advertisement Rubric


Write and perform a Commercial that advertises your element. You also must include a Written Advertisement, as seen on a billboard or in a magazine. Ideas include, but are not limited to, convincing the audience to visit the element in its natural habitat, encouraging the audience to buy the element, or persuading the audience to use the element (be creative). You may ask a classmate to help in the presentation of your commercial but they are still required to do their own element project.



Requirements for the commercial (must have written copy for rough draft and final presentation, underline all facts within your script):

·        Element name, period, group

·        Family name and what it means to be part of it

·        Number of electrons in its outer shell

·        How it reacts with other elements, water, and air

·        Physical characteristics; appearance, texture, state at room temperature

·        History; who discovered it, when, where, and how it was discovered

·        Where the element can be found in its natural state

·        Uses; minimum of 3

·        Catchy slogan- Repetitive saying or tune or song that will help audience remember facts (used minimum 3 times in the commercial)

·        Time: 2-3 minutes


Requirements for the written advertisement:

·        Element atomic number, symbol, name, and atomic mass (as seen on Periodic Table)

·        Pictures of its uses; minimum 3

·        Who discovered it and when

·        Reason for advertisement (example: why visit its natural habitat, why use it or buy it)

·        Catchy slogan

·        3 other interesting facts

·        Border that relates to element

·        Size: minimum 12” X 18”


Oral Presentation: Perform your commercial for the class (visual aids are recommended) You may choose to videotape yourself performing the commercial and present it on the classroom projector. You must test this prior to your presentation date. If you create a video, you still must have the written advertisement on the day of your presentation. Be informative and creative. Have Fun!


Element Commercial/ Advertisement Rubric