Video/Film: History, Criticism and Practice

Course No.: 1179 Level: 9 -12
Prerequisite: None Meets District Graduation Requirement: Visual/Performing Art
CSIS No: 2898 Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: Yes
Credit: 10 Grade

Video/Film: History, Criticism and Practice is a course for students to study the historical progression of filmmaking. Students experience the process of filmmaking and videography from inception of an idea to completion of a project on tape based on making connections to the social and political history that influences filmmaking and filmmakers. The students view film and student video projects from a critic’s perspective and write and express critical reviews of both professional and student films and videotapes. Students learn the terminology and the techniques associated with filmmaking and videography. Students create video projects and use sophisticated computerized editing systems to make multi-layered, creative and esthetic video expressions. They invent an idea, write scripts and draw storyboards, shoot video footage and edit it into a clear communication or artistic expression about their world.

This is a UC/CSU approved course and so the requirements of history, writing and rigor in preparation for college are fulfilled with this course.

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Read the references by the decades at Film History by Decade,


The Lumiere Brothers

Geoges Melie, Trip to the Moon (1902)

Citizen Kane
directed by Orson Welles

This movie is presented in class in a way that will change the way you see films for the rest of your life. Take notes during it's exhibition. Go to for a comprehensive review of the film. It is an excellent resource for this unit.

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