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Course Title: Yearbook
Course No: E1655
Prerequisite: Approval of instructor
Grade Level: 10-12
Credit: 5 (May be repeated)
Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: No
Meets District Graduation Requirement:English Elective or Practical Arts

The course encompasses the production of the school yearbook. The production of the yearbook begins in the early spring of each year when the staff of the ensuing year is selected. This is done through a program of interviewing and screening prospective students for editor and staff positions. During the year, production is geared for coverage of all school activities through to final deadline time in late March or April. While adhering to publisher deadlines, the yearbook completes that cycle of covering the history of one year of school life.

Yearbook Students will become familiar with all aspects of a student-produced publication that attempts to serve as an introduction to a professional publishing environment. Students will undergo training in imaging, graphics, and dynamic copy. The yearbook is an attempt to capture a record of events that occur throughout the year and to express them under a theme and a design that is visually pleasing and readable. This class is an elective in the English Department.

Imaging Imaging for Today and Tomorrow is an attempt to cover as many aspects of digital image manipulation in order to successfully and artistically express well thought out concepts. Two-dimensional images, three-dimensional images, digital audio, digital video are manipulated with appropriate software in order to achieve an artistic expression of a concept. Students will also engage in analog exercises using pencil and sketchbook

Digital Photo Digital Photo is a year-long art class. The students will learn to deliberately capture images within parameters that are under their control. They will achieve mastery in technical fundamentals that will be followed by training in advanced imaging techniques where captured images will be subjected to further manipulation in order to communicate well-developed concepts.

Photo Tech This is a semester-long introductory course which is an excellent course in preparation for the Digital Photo class and the Yearbook class. The photo tech student will achieve mastery in the ability to identify all parameters associated with a successful capture of a digital image with purpose using an SLR camera and software. The Photo Tech student is expected to verbally express the process they undergo to obtain their images and to complete an interpretation of the final product using desktop publishing software.

Graphics Communication and Desktop Publishing All students must immediatelly show mastery in using a word processor to create a simple text document, the ability to perform a search on the Internet to obtain target information, use of e-mail to communicate, use a spreadsheet to manipulate numerical data, use a database to organize information, use a desktop publishing program to create a publication and to use proprietary software to enhance the learning of a school subject. Concepts in design and communication are explored. Graphic creation, manipulation and enhancement are also mastered in this class.

StageCraft In my spare time I devote time to helping out the LCCHS Theatre Department remain one of the best theatre programs in the nation. Building sets and training students to operation audio and lighting equipment in the David H. Thompson Performing Arts Center helps to put on some of the best shows and to prepare students interested in pursuing further study of StageCraft in college. Check out the theatre website at www.lccanyontheatre.com

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