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Balsa Wood Bridge Rules  
AP European History

AP European History 2007

A Letter to the Alumni  wherever you might be. 

Science and Engineering:

             SDA Robotics Team Video

The physics of rowing (worksheet)

Physics java links

Black Holes Fact or Fiction?


Possible Science and Engineering Related Projects

AeroVironment Started by Paul MacCready this company is an inspiration to those who are thinking about becoming an engineer and who love a challenge.

Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman! It is not an autobiography in the traditional sense. Rather it is series of vignettes designed to challenge the reader to become a great learner and a curious individual. The fact that Richard Feynman received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discoveries in the area of Quantum Electrodynamics is irrelevant. He would have done great things in just about any field. Read it and find out why.

If you read it well and pass the oral exam, I will give you extra credit in physics class.  The exam is a tough one


Weather image


Solar image


Phase of the moon

US Navy

Social Studies:

Course Descriptions for AP European History and Comparative Government

History of Education Project (emphasis is generally on, but not limited to, the European and American experience)

History and Government Resources

African History

Maps for Euro and Comparative Government

European History

News (Newspapers from around the world)

Comparative Government

The European Union

The causes of terrorism against the United States (or western culture, for that matter) are varied and complex.  The Guardian provides one interpretation.  While it is not a popular one here, it is worth investigating.

If you are interested in politics, social and environmental issues then please consider the following:  (if not then please consider the following anyway):

Alternative Vote System

(Interesting in light of what has happened in the presidential election)

So, you are you more at home voting Green, Libertarian, Communist , or Reform. but are afraid you will be tossing your vote away. As it stands now, by voting out of conviction you just might help elect someone from one of the two main parties you really do not want elected. Look into the alternative vote system as a potential solution for your problems. It was first pioneered in Papua New Guinea

Thinking Globally

Mark Hertsgaard is a great writer. While he does not minimize the harsh political, economic, social, and physical realities, he presents information it in a way that challenges the reader to find solutions. 

One of the things that makes this book a stand-out is that it first presents situations in the countries we study from the point of view of an affluent American.   Then it paints a portrait of the situation as seen by the common person who lives there.  Mark Hertsgaard pushes the reader to move past the simplistic assessments that we in the United States are apt to make about the situations and actions of others.  It is one of the few books for which I will give extra credit if my students read and analyze it. Mark Hertsgaard makes a compelling argument for environmental activism as well as one of hope for the future.


Acting Locally:


For those who are interested in ecological, social, and environmental issues in San Diego or across the planet, the San Diego Earth Times is great place to visit.

The articles are well researched, well written, and well worth reading. Make sure to check out the column, Cut to the Chase. This web site also have a great collection of environmentally related links

Solar Energy Anyone? Here is one San Diegan's experience

Teacher Stuff

Calling all physics teachers

Did you miss it Tisk! . . . Tisk!! . . . Tisk!!!

blackholestimewarps.gif (4386 bytes)

Black Holes & Time Warps

abriefhistoryoftime.jpg (5346 bytes)

A Brief History of Time

Each year for the past three years the Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB has put on wonderful conferences specifically for high school teachers. If you have not been to one you have really been missing out.  This year the subject was string theory.   Among other speakers were Brian Greene, the author of "The Elegant Universe" and Joe Polchinski, the author of  "String Theory". What an experience.  

Last year the topic was superconductivity. The year before, it was black holes. Those who went had the opportunity to listen, talk and lunch with such luminaries as Kip Thorne, Rodger Blandford, Steven Hawking, Robert Laughlin, Paul Grant, and Laura Green.

atheelegantuniverse.gif (10393 bytes)

The Elegant Universe

astringtheory.jpg (5490 bytes)

String Theory

School Related

Student Exhibition Day., A history

Our Book I had wanted to create something like this for several years.  Shannon Cranston, class of '96 is responsible for its realization

Our Fountain

Policy:  If you cannot come up with great original ideas, borrow them from others.  Kelly Coakley '97 built a smaller version of this fountain as part of her Senior Project.  My wife liked it and wanted one.    My homeroom students helped fashion this one..  


Fun Stuff  

Some Interesting Quotes and Jokes

Is Hell Exothermic?

Is the Surf up?

Beautiful Picture


Can you identify each of the following personalities?




Introduction to Airborne Radar was written by my father. The first edition sold over 50,000 copies. the second has been out for a little over two years and has already sold over 15,000 copies. While it is difficult not to be biased, this is a wonderful text. It covers a wealth of information and yet flow like a novel. The layout and the artwork are the author's own. This is something rather unusual in a text book. As a result, the placement of pictures, diagrams, and panels allows the reader to move seamlessly between text and graphics.