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San Dieguito Academy offers woodworking as a career path for incoming students. This path starts by experiencing a beginning woodworking class required by all 9ths graders called Technology One. In it, students will be required to take five mini courses related to current technological trends. Woodworking is one of five courses taught in this course. If a student wishes to continue along this path, San Dieguito offers three other woodworking courses.

Wood One

Wood one is based on the premise that the student has no prior woodworking experience. Students will learn the basics of woodworking taking lumber from the rough state to a finished product. The required project was carefully chosen to provide a learning experience rich in both power tool mastery and hand tool knowledge. Students will leave with the confidence that they can use woodworking machinery safely in a commercial setting or at home as a lifelong endeavor. Many prior students have developed as fine woodworkers and continue woodworking long after taking this course.

Wood Two

Wood Two is based on the premise of a student having prior knowledge of woodworking machinery by completing Wood One. Independent projects will be the focus of this course. Many times students enrolled in wood two will take on projects such as the ones displayed at the top of this page. These type of projects require hours outside of the normal school day.

Guitar Manufacturing

Guitar manufacturing is a stand alone class that may be experienced by both new students as well as seasoned woodworkers. Students will build a Fender style stratocaster from raw stock to complete a finished solid body electric guitar that is fully functional. The body is constructed using traditional woodworking tools such as the jointer, planer, band saw, and router. The neck is made with specialized tooling not common to most woodworking shops. Specifically, students will use a gang fret saw to cut fret slots in their fret board. They will also use a metal working mill to create the truss rod cavity for installing their hot rod to make the neck adjustable. Do you need more information? Take the class.

Technology One

Technology one is an introductory course experienced by all incoming 9th grade students. In it students will building two projects related to the kitchen. The first project is a hand shaped cooking utensil. The second and main project is a student designed cutting board built from solid hardwoods. There is also time left at the end of the 17.5 day mini course to explore extra credit projects building on the skills taught at the beginning of the course. Students from the fall semester often make holiday presents for family members as a parting project. Relatives love to receive handmade items as gifts.


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