Class Overview

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Renaissance, Reformation, 
Scientific Revolution, 
Age of Exploration, Enlightenment
(Chapter 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17)



Key Terms

Key Concepts

Key People

Ch 10

Magna Carta



Ch 11


Revival of the classics



Ch 12

Ninety-Five Theses



Spanish Inquisition

Catholic Reformation

Council of Trent

Edict of Nantes


Ch 17.2

enlightened despots

natural rights

separation of powers

popular sovereignty


CH 10

How does the Black Death (plague) contribute to the decline of feudalism?
Ch 11 The Renaissance

List the characteristics of humanism and revival of the classics.

How did the Turkís conquest of the Byzantine Empire contribute to the development of the Renaissance?

Describe the differences between art in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Ch 12 The Reformation of Christianity

How did the Catholic Church try to prevent the spread of Protestantism?

List the order of major events in Martin Lutherís life.

Why did people support Martin Luther? What were his main complaints?

Why was the Catholic Church so strong in Spain?

List the purposes of the Council of Trent.

What was the main goal of the Catholic missionaries?

Which of Martin Lutherís ideas did the Catholic Church include in its reform?

Ch 13 Scientific Revolution

What role did Muslims play in the Scientific Revolution?

Explain the advancement of the theories about the universe.

Explain Copernicusís ideas about the planets orbiting the sun.

Why did the Church and science come into conflict?

Why was Galileo put on trial?

Ch 16 The Age of Exploration

Why did Europeans begin to explore the world?

Describe the Columbian Exchange.

Ch 17 The Enlightenment

Where did the Enlightenment idea of progress develop from?

How did the Scientific Revolution influence the development of the Enlightenment?

In the 1600ís, describe the leaders of the countries in Europe (type of government).

Ch 7 China

Describe all major inventions and achievements.

Describe Chinese belief systems (Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism).

Ch 8 Japan

What were the main duties of the samurai warriors?

List the reasons why the samurai period lasted until the 1800ís.

Ch 15 Americas (Aztec/Inca)

List the reasons why Cortez was able to conqueror the Aztecs.

How were Inca stories passed on to future generations?

Why did the Inca require that everyone learn Quechua?

Who were the Spanish conquistadors that conquered the Incas/Aztecs?

Ch 11

Desiderius Erasmus

Johann Gutenberg


Ch 12

Martin Luther

King Henry VIII

William Tyndale

John Calvin



Ch 13


Nicolaus Copernicus

Isaac Newton

Galileo Galilei


Ch 16

Christopher Columbus

Francisco Pizarro

Hernan Cortes

Ferdinand Magellan


Ch 17

John Locke

Jean-Jacques Rousseau





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