Abolitionists Poems (an alternative to the Antislavery Society Meeting Flyer assignment)




·       Create 3 well- constructed and descriptive poems about 3 abolitionists

·       Your information should be from your slavery perspective matrix and/or material from Chapter 13 Section 4).

·       Make one poem for each of the 3 abolitionists you choose.

·       Poems should describe the beliefs, actions, methods, and overall attributes of the abolitionists you choose.

·       Use one of or a combination of these three forms of poetry:

o   Acrostic (either using the last name of the abolitionist or the word “abolitionist”)

o   Cinquainography ( see example format)

o   I Am (see example format)


Each poem is worth 5 points if done properly with historical accuracy, free of errors, and neatness/care.