Branches of the Government Pyramid Project


Since we are learning about the “foundations” of our government, you will build a pyramid, as shown in class, to illustrate the three branches of our system.  One side is for the Executive Branch, one side for the Legislative, and one for the Judicial.

A pyramid can be made by drawing a simple X on a piece of paper. A square piece of paper works best. Cut along one of the legs stopping at the center. Fold along the other lines and tuck the loose flap underneath one of the other sides. A little glue or tape will hold the pyramid in shape.








Executive                                          Legislative






Each panel is for only one Branch.

Information to include:

1.     Name of Branch

2.     Functions of the Branch

3.     Details/Specific Actions that can be taken by Branch

4.     Examples of people/jobs that serve within the Branch

5.     Pictures/Illustrations relevant to the Branch

6.     Checks and Balances each Branch has over the other two


Please add color and design.  Pictures can be drawn or printed but the text should be typed.  Overall, the pyramid should be neat, accurate, artistic, and original.  As always, be creative and have fun!  This will be graded on the OPIE Rubric.