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Digital Photography

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Digital Photography


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Advanced Digital Photography

Photo Imaging

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Contact information: Because of shared rooms, email is the best source of contact:

Cameras, Computers, and PhotoShop are provided for students during class. It is not necessary to purchase equipment for the courses. If you wish to have advice on camera buying you can find it here.

Supplies for all Digital Photography Courses:

1) Sketchbook: approximately 8X10 inches, Unlined, 90 pages.

2) School Issued I.D. Card

3) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Flash (thumb) Drive of 1gb or better.


About Me:
From 2001-2007, I taught traditional (chemical, wet process), Art Photography to first, second, and third year students in Manteca, California.  My students amazed me with their sensitivity and artistic expression, not to mention their sense of fun in making art.  Each summer found me on the road taking more and more rolls of film to the lab and into the darkroom.  At some point every photographer starts to hear about this new form called "Digital Photography", and yes I finally submitted to the call of progress. 

With the first purchase of a new Digital SLR, I accidentally went into my own business shooting portraits.  This was an area of photography that I was anemic at best toward until then.  Working mainly with senior pictures, engagement, and events; I found that I connected my vision with happy clients.  Although I am primarily an art photographer, I feel deep satisfaction in portrait work now.  In the Summer of 2006, I took additional course work at the Academy of Art in San Francisco to develop a deeper understanding of the digital aspect of the art.

I came to CCA in Fall of 2007 and currently teach Digital Photography, CTE/ROP photography, and Advanced Digital Photography. I feel privileged to have found CCA and am looking forward to the work students produce each year as a part of the Envision Visual Arts program.

Let’s get to work!

2015 San Diego County Fair Entries

In 2015, Canyon Crest students entered 25 images to the San Diego County Fair. Overwhelmed by the number of entries from other schools (as many as 400 from some) the students images stood out for quality. Of the 25 entered, CCA students received 5 Second Place Ribbons and 20 First Place Ribbons. Out of a possible 22 Best of Class awards, 2 were awarded to Brendan Anapoell and Sammy Wittenberg. Brendan Anapoell received the additional honor of the Best of Show award in the Environmental Portrait category open to all photo students from Junior High to Community College level. Be sure to congratulate these excellent photographers. Go Raven Photo!


Photography Lab will be offered to a small group of students (1-4) embedded within all current Digital Photography courses. Link: Photography Lab Syllabus





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