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Welcome to Mr. Gaughen's English courses. To navigate to the page you need, use the links above. You should bookmark the page for your course as this page is primarily a gateway to the course pages. The calendar link will be your best indicator of curriculum and homework assignments. Of course, if you are dazzled by the clean coding of this page, the internet allows you to admire any time of day.

The best way to contact me is by email at That 24/7 access of the internet allows contact at any time. If you awake bolt upright at 3AM with a homework concern, I will get the email, likely around 5AM. You may also leave a message with the office or the room phone. CCA's main phone number is (858)350-0253. I am at extension XXXX. Be advised that the room phone does ring directly through, so please be aware of class times. However, if you call at 3AM, I will likely not answer. Here's to an enlightening, enriching, and edifying year.

Fall 2017 Schedule Room B102

Per 1: AP Lang

Per 2: English 10H

Per 3: AP Lang

Per 4: Prep