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Hmmm...who is this guy anyway
Well...what is there to say about me that I don't already share with my students on an everyday basis...hmmm...let me think..

I was born in San Diego on October 6, 1979 at 9:47pm (kinda scary I know that, huh).  But I didn't get to stay in San Diego because my Dad was a navy man and that meant we moved all over.  I have lived in Charleston, South Carolina for a spell before elementary school but spent a good and fun 5 years on Guam.  I love that place.  Then in 1989, my family, which consists of my cool and loving Mom and Dad and an older and younger brother, moved back to San Diego.

On coming back to my hometown, I went to 3 different elementary schools and then finally went to Bell Jr. High School and then graduated from Samuel F. B. Morse High School back in 1997.  I then traveled up the 5 to La Jolla to go to UCSD.  I graduated in 2001 with a B.S. in General Biology and a B.A. in Psychology.  I really loved that school and had so much fun there...let me show you a pic to prove it:

I then spent some more time at UCSD doing their Teacher Education Program and then went to San Diego State University to get my teaching credential in biology.  Once I got that...I have been able to find my home here at San Dieguito Academy.  I love this place. 


I just recently earned my masters degree in Education and an Administrative Credential at CSU San Marcos.  I am happy to be done with it so I can once again focus on teaching and helping my students become successful.


Things I get asked a lot:

Where do you live?

Well to get to my house...you just go south on the 805....when you see the lights of Mexico...make a left and you are at my house.  I live a little south of Chula Vista.  On a good day, it takes me 40 minutes to get to school and on horrible days it takes me 1 1/2 hours.  Good times =)  I have actually moved now to University City area where I live with my lovely wife.

Why do you teach?

I went to a school where I didn't have much support and didn't feel like what I did mattered.  I wanted the opportunity to give back and make a change in the places where I thought it might be possible.  High school is the place where young people are embarking on their adult life...I love being a part of that.