The following drug testing options are listed as resources to families interested in further supporting their child's sobriety


Online providers of low-cost home drug testing kits:

Drug Test Your Teen    http://www.drugtestyourteen.com/ or call 214-797-8378

Cliawaived    http://www.cliawaived.com/ or call 888-882-7739

Medical Disposables    http://www.medicaldisposables.us/ or call 407-574-6266


Providers of on-site drug testing:

Drug Testing Network http://www.drugtestingnetwork.com/ or call 760-940-2015

Expert Drug Testing http://www.expertdrugtesting.com/ or call 619-281-9986

**On-site provider of Spice testing contact Vista Hill at 858-514-5101


What to watch out for - ways kids try to "trick drug tests":

Hair Razor - detox hair before hair follicle testing

Pass It Kit - reusable urine

Mouth Peace - tricking a saliva test

Fake It - synthetic urine

Take Niacin pills to pass a Marijuana urine test - what does Niacin look like?

They will resort to using substances that do not show up on most urine test (hallucinogens, spice/salvia/bath salts, inhalants)

Use a friend or younger siblings urine

Add contaminants or dilute urine tests


MORAL OF THE STORY - kids are tricky!  DO NOT let them know when you are testing them.  Don't be naive to the ways they are tricking tests.  If you have doubts, take them to an on-site drug testing facility.