What is READI?

A Safety Net for San Dieguito Union High School District Students Dealing with Substance Abuse Issues.

What does READI stand for?

Recovery Education Alcohol Drug Instruction

How does a student get referred to READI?

In possession of alcohol and/or drugs

In possession of alcohol and/or drug paraphernalia

Under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

Parent/Student self-referral

What are the requirements of READI?

2 Day Intensive Drug and Alcohol Education held at La Costa Canyon High School in Room 1304 - Program dates will be set by Assistant Principal

Completion of 1 Mandatory Parent Support Group held at La Costa Canyon High School - Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m. in Room 1304

Completion of Wraparound (10 Hours of Community Service, 5 Recovery Hours, Prevention Packet, 6 sessions of group)

How can I refer my child to READI?

Contact your child's Assistant Principal and they can make the appropriate referral to the program.

Benefits of the READI Program?

To support students towards making healthier choices so that they can be successful both academically and personally. 

If a student selects and completes the READI Program, he/she will avoid any written statements about suspensions on the student record; however, students are still subject to suspension from extracurricular activities such as athletics, speech and debate, band, drama, etc.  Student will be subject to the rules and regulations that govern participation in these activities.








For more information or to request a referral, contact your Assistant Principal or either member of the READI Program:

Joseph R. Olesky, MS

Tiffany Findell, MSW

760-436-6136 ext. 6183 and 6424