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  Video-Film Syllabus 2017-18

  Advanced Video-Film Syllabus 2017-18

  "Class Basics" Study Guide

  Canon T5i Manual and Study Guide

  Adobe Premiere Pro CC Manual and Study Guide

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"Understanding Movies"

Video-Film Facebook Page

Video-Film Project Options

Elective Promo Videos

Instructional Video Review Form

Movie Analysis Worksheet

Campus Map for Out of Class Students

Director Project

Storyboard Blank

Sample Treatment

Audio Settings for the Canon XA10

AFI Top 100 Films

Roger Ebert's Film Glossary

How to Write a Movie Review

What Makes a Film Great?

Screenplays Online

How to Write a Screenplay

Class # Assignment Other Info
Please Note:  Because Video-Film classes meet on different days, class sessions are listed by number, rather than by date.  Students are expected to keep track of the dates and session numbers for their class. 
HW: Complete and return syllabus:  Video-Film Course Textbook:
"Understanding Movies"
Ch. 1: Photography
Shots Worksheet
Director Project

Create a Flip-Book of approximately 100 images  
Clips: Early Film-making
Ch. 1: Photography
Shots Worksheet #2

 Check out this  steadycam shot from Goodfellas (1990) -  Martin Scorsese
Due: Flip-Book
Ch. 1: Photography
Angles Worksheet
Ch. 2: Mise en Scene
Mise en Scene Worksheet

Basic Editing with Adobe Premiere  
Camera Operations and Shot List  
In-Class shoot: "Pencil Man"
Exercise: Digital editing of "Pencil Man" footage
Video Project: Short Story (With Storyboard)
Begin Submitting Director Projects via email:
10  Video Project: Short Story (Shoot)
Presentations:  Director Projects
  Video Project: Short Story (Shoot / Edit)
Presentations:  Director Projects
  Video Project: Short Story (Edit)
Presentations:  Director Projects
9/30 Due: Short Story Projects (Edit / Export)
Presentations:  Director Projects
10/4 Screening: Short Story Video Projects
Presentations:  Director Projects
10/6 Presentations:  Director Projects  
10/10 Video Project: Music Video  
10/12 Music Video Project  
10/14 Music Video Project  
10/18 Music Video Project  
10/20 Music Video Project  
10/24 Music Video Project  
10/26 Music Video Project  
10/28 Due: Music Video Project End of the First Quarter
11/1 Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (1988)
Video Project:
11/3 Documentary Project  
11/7 Documentary Project  
11/9 Documentary Project  
11/14 Documentary Project  
11/16 Documentary Project  
11/18 Due: Documentary Project  
  Thanksgiving Break  
11/29 Ad/PSA Project - Pre-Production  
12/1 Ad/PSA Project - Shoot
12/5 Ad/PSA Project - Shoot  
12/7 Ad/PSA Project - Shoot / Edit  
12/9 Ad/PSA Project - Shoot / Edit  
12/13 Ad/PSA Project - Edit  
12/15 Ad/PSA Project - Edit
  Happy non-denominational, multi-cultural, politically appropriate seasonal observance!
1/3 Due: Ad/PSA Project  
1/5 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/9 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/11 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/13 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey
1/18 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/20 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/24 Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey  
1/27 Due: Short Story (or Music Video) with Chromakey   
  End of Semester 1   
2/1 Re-Shoot Project   Re-Shoot Video Project
2/3 Re-Shoot Project   
2/7 Re-Shoot Project   
2/9 Re-Shoot Project  
2/13 Re-Shoot Project  
2/15 Re-Shoot Project  
2/21 Re-Shoot Project  
2/23 Due: Re-Shoot Project  
  Single-Period Day - Senior Checkout  
  Finals 1-3  
  Finals 2-4  
  Finals 5-6