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This is the web page for the Resource Specialist Program's Language Arts Support class, Math 7/8 Fundamentals course, and the History/Geography Fundamentals course at Diegueño Middle School.  Each course is designed to help students develop and use strategies that enable them to be competent and confident learners.  Step-by-step instruction in the writing process (from pre-writing to final drafts), writing format, mechanics of writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.), vocabulary development and reading comprehension are designed to allow students the time and practice necessary to achieve individual mastery of established IEP goals.  The Language Arts Support class will also offer preview, instruction and review in mathematics.  The Math 7/8 class will follow much of the regular Pre-Algebra curriculum.  The History/Geography Fundamentals class will follow the regular History curriculum and the California State Standards.   Assistance with reading, writing and mathematics assigned from mainstream classes is also provided as part of the courses as needed.



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