Unit Lectures HW Dates reflex when HW assigned Virtual Lab/News Video Practice Test

lab safety
Intro to science
Scientific Method

steps to sci method
2/3Write out characteristics of life (chap 1)
Science experiment (story of sammy)
2/7 Dependent and independent variables
2/8 Experiment
2/9experiment cont  HW
microscope types    Virtual micro lab  worksheet
2/10 TEST CHAP 1
2/11 Movie HW
review parts of the atom  DO THIS WORKSHEET Due 15th (tues)
Strategies involved with solving a science problem

Redis and Pasteurs experiment

Virtual microscope lab

Extra credit- choose one
Science News (read two and do a small write up what you learned)

The Blackout sydrome
Brine shrimp and the Scientific Method

Carl Sagan explains experimentation

PBS scientific method
Practice test

answers to worksheet
Lecture notes Chap 2 Chem 
Feb 15 intro to chem  HW Worksheet due
2/16 Lecture on chem HW chemistry of life

intro to carbohydrates
Intro to lipids
Intro to proteins
Tree of macromolecules
6 most abundant elements

2/22 read  2.4 and start thinking of things to bring in for pH

Virtual enzyme lab   then Prepare lab using scientific method for you pH lab friday
2/24 ph lab
2/25 lecture on enzymes
3/1 Do
pre enzyme lab animation to help with enzymes  HW self test
Liver enzyme lab  HW study for test.. on enzyme know #3 on enzyme lab results sheet it will be on test
3/2 Test
3/3 Movie
Which elements form bonds

Science news online
Interactive periodic table

Enzyme lab

Advanced work

tutorial on proteins

Properties of water

Tydel affect

Animation of water dissolving salt
Brain pop on atoms

Chap 2 self test

Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test
Ecology Unit 2

3/4 Intro to Ecology
HW Draw the following cycles (book or internet) H2O, CO2, N, and P. Show where the each cycle enters the Biotic and leaves back into the abiotic
Intro to Ecology
What it is
Energy flow
3/7 read and review 3.1 and 3.2 define terms on page 80
3/8 do virtual lab on
Model ecosystems  (Journal questions) HW biotic/abiotic factors Write down answers
3/9 how to
balance an ecosystem    (Journal Questions)
3/11 using map on page 99 and chap 4.3 in book or any other site make a story,picture,comic etc describing the different biomes and WHY they exist where they do (4.1)
3/14 lecture and vocab chap 4 (just the ones you dont know)
3/15 Movie
3/16 Vocab due, finish movie HW
biome quiz (just try it do not write anything down)
3/17 lecture on chap 5 HW 
build an online habitat

biome lab
3/18 virtual lab
Carbon cycle  Nitrogen cycle  water cycle energy flow  
Populations/Biodiversity 3/21 Movie on wolves
3/22 never cry wolf
3/23 Test
Nov 8 Lecture on populations HW alien safari

Study guide 

HW  Population biology (do journal questions

Nov 9 Lab
Nov 10 TEST HW after test Virtual lab on populations

 Population biology


Video Page

Practice Test  

biosphere test

ecosystems test

population test


Assessing Water Quality

Global climate change

What is an Ecological Footprint?

Video Page

Air quality http://www.airnow.gov/


Practice Test  

Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test
Cells  3 /25HOW big is a ...worksheet Due monday
3/28 Lecture HW review vocab on cells and photosynthesis and respiration
3/29 Lecture on photosynthesis  Plat celluler pursuit if time allows HW virtual Cheek cell (due friday)
3/30 review Virtual Plant cell virtual lab (due friday)
3/31 Test review   HW self test
4/1 Test  HW Surface to volume ratio

cellular pursuit   Cell practice test

photo practice test

respiration self test

Mitosis lecture
Cancer lecture
 4/4 Lecture on Mitosis HW Mitosis worksheet
mitosis in real cells onion and whitefish lab
4/5 Finish lecture on cells HW virtual lab on how do cells reproduce.
 HW midterm guide due Thursday (40 pts)
5/6 Review midterm guide
4/7-4/8 Midterms
HW take practice star test
 review genetics Overview of genetics (do this first) the rest are extra practice Genetic practice problem 1Genetic practice problems
How do cells reproduce SCROLL DOWN ON LEFT SIDE TO START
cancer lab

Cell Division  

Catch up work on mitosis

Cell Division  

 tutor and practice test


Central Dogma

Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test

DNA lecture

DNA lecture
Translation lecture3

April 18 DNA lecture  HW build a DNA molecule

April 19Finish DNA lecture HW   Finish vocab Chap12

April 20 DNA lecture review  Class work/homework  directions, worksheet

April 21 Translation lecture  classwork/Homework
 Translation Print out mario and luigi lab

 April 22 Mario and Luigi lab  HW Online transcription lab

Whats makes a firefly Glow (due next friday Friday)firefly extra credit CLICK HERE

HW  Due  May 2nd) choose from the list(1) and write a discussion on one topic
 extra help
Tour of the basics
Biotech @ 25: A Cartoon Guide to Genetics
,Dna to protein
Worksheet DNA
 protein synthesis
DNA and genes

see web address below this box if it does not open

Catch a criminal DNA matching game

Video Page


Video Page
Mutations lecture Monday April 25 genetics review

Test review  Know ALL this for the test
remember  choose from the list and write a discussion on one topic (due may 2)
Tuesday April 26 review evolution Mutations lectureHW  Central dogma online (2)
  DNA and mutations
mutation activity
Slooze Worm Mutations
Movie cracking the code
HW gene mutations and proteins(3)

HW if you want do extra credit extra credit tracking grizzlies
extra credit tracking grizzlies

Video on lac operon

Video on HOX gene
Self test DNA

another self test

Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test

Lecture on genetics
TuesdayMay3    Class HOX genes HW Karyotype labs first just drag and drop 2nd click on chromosome and figure out what the three patients have and write down  Review Chap 13on p 336 write key concepts and define vocab
Weds May 4 HOME WORKprint out meiosis worksheet for tomorrow  good Meiosis picture  activity  write quiz answers on paper

Friday  Finish movie start virtual lab on gene spliceing whats not done is HW
HW review lecture and print out Zork  start lecture notes
Monday    lecture start activity Zork whats not done is homework finish ZORK 
Tues may 10; continue punnet squares lecture    HW-virtual lab

Weds May 11; class activity probability lab  do this activity completely for extra points
Thursday May 12; Design a species   HW start genetic Genetic practice problems Due next friday
Friday-Genetic practice problems  (have handout so dont need to print out)
homework- drag and drop pedigree 

Design a species
crossword puzzle
plastic egg genitics
meiosis tutorial

punnett squares


extra credit The ultimate Pedigree Challenge
challenge for I'm my own grandpa song


Pea experiment

mitosis verses meiosis

Mothers day song
Test 1

Another practice test

Lecture on Multiple alleles

Lecture on sex linked genes

we will be handing in packet of work   on test day and study guide
Mon  Lecture Multiple alleles
  vocab from chap 14 (7 words) due tomorrow
print out and review  Baby lab
Tuesday lecture HW sex linked trait
Weds  Baby day extra time start  tonights HW    blood typeing (write down what blood type each patient is) GENETIC STUDY GUIDE

Thurs Review for test  HW study for test,  finish packet  GOOD REVIEW
 worksheet answers

Friday  TEST on genetics

sex linked trait
cloning games
COOL site on making hybrid animals
Blood typeing  blood typeing 2
  Baby lab  practice test 2
    gene splicing   cp sollution
Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab (not all labs will be used) Video Practice Test
Evolution  Movie HW review powerpoint  start peppered moth lab and sex and the single guppy (Worksheet)(due Weds) natural selection    
   Tues Evolution lecture  sex and the single guggy
HW natural selection virtual lab
bugville Hawaii born of fire interactive tutor
Evolution part 2 weds lecture lab time
Evolution virtual lab
Worksheet for virtual lab
  evolution practice test 1
Evolution 2 movie great transformation
HW Read and print out Bugville (do at school due test day)

HW Evolution worksheet Due thursday
Sex and the single guppy  (Worksheet) funney evolution practice test 2
Natural selection Bugville lab  lecture
HW adaptive radiation
Comparison of Human and ape chromosomes   Test practice chap 15
  Tuesday may 2 Review powerpoint Evolution Hand in Bugville (changed to thursday)(  I WILL BE IN MY ROOM AT LATESTART COME BY IF YOU NEED COMPUTER TIME FINAL HELP TEST REVIEW)
  videoHawaii born of fire
Evolution in action game
  Test practice chap 16
 Weds 3  Movie  Vocab due FOR TEST study powerpoints first..(main part of test) then vocab but focus on info in powerpoints
Thursday 4th TEST  ( Last day to hand in bugville and evolution worksheet) vocab
START Final Study Guide60pts)
All about Charles Darwin
Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test
Viruses and bacteria   start study guide ,HW  HW human biology
  Lecture prepare for bacteria lab lab
watch news story (reread 40.2)
antigens and antibodies    
Immune system

Final Study Guide60pts)

final another way if first does not work
 lecture Immune system defender and immune responces and malaria game
 on immune system
HW work sheet 40.3-40.4 and
Nerve impulse worksheet
    immune self
extra credit Biology star review  (extra credit) scroll down

Nervous system
 nervous system
Nerve website go through them  but focus on reflex ark
nerve sinagling game
    self test  



overall site  http://www.phschool.com/webcodes10/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.gotoWebCode&wcprefix=cbk&wcsuffix=9999

Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test



Unit Lectures HW Virtual Lab Video Practice Test
  Nervous system Immune articles choose two for your opinion    

Ecology links

 Carbon cycle  Nitrogen cycle  water cycle

Ozone site

Globel climite change



Food pyramid with biomes


communities and biomes (balancing a fish tank)


Population biology




alien safari


Thursday Biosphere activity

Friday Biome game

Biomes several sites and expanded references


Food web site Gone fishing


Biodiversity project


Biotic and abiotic factors

Where creatures live



Week of Oct 23

Week of Oct 30

Evolution sites

creating coacervates

peppered moth lab

peppered moth worksheet

Deep sea vents and life's origins

leafcutter ant and the fungi


Broad evolution sites


physiology sites

Artificial Anatomy



 Autonomic nervous system


Interactive body


Central Dogma